Iceberg Model of Transformation Best Practices for Small Group Development, Facilitation, and Maintenance for Church-based Ministries Employing Jackson’s Iceberg Model of Transformation™

Join Rob for one Friday evening and Saturday, and learn how to develop, facilitate, and maintain a variety of small group ministries. Participants receive training on:

  • identification of the ideal small group facilitator
  • integrating small group ministry into your church’s existing pastoral care ministry
  • drafting a philosophy of ministry that guides according to vision, mission, and objectives
  • instilling a sensitive and intelligent confidentiality policy and practice
  • incorporating spiritual gifts and fruit of the Spirit into small group minisry
  • preventing facilitator burnout
  • mitigating risk management concerns
  • troubleshooting difficult scenarios
  • implementing and customizing Rob’s Iceberg Model of Transformation™ for small groups focused on Christian spiritual formation, recovery from sexual sin and addictions for men, and recovery for wives impacted by their husband’s sexual sins and addictions. Customizations may also include recovery from alcohol and drugs, gambling, eating disorders, and domestic violence.


Level One Certification as Trainee – Participants who attend seminars 1 and 2, and either 3 or 4*,  and The Iceberg Model Training Seminar™ will receive Level One Certification. Level One trainees are qualified to support and assist small group facilitators who have achieved Level Two certification.

Level Two Certification as Facilitator– Participants who attend seminars 1 and 2, and either 3 or 4*,  The Iceberg Model Training Seminar™, and achieve a score of eighty percent or above on each respective online quiz (four quizzes total), receive Level Two Certification. Level Two facilitators are qualified to develop, lead, and maintain small group ministries within their sponsoring home churches.

Level Three Certification as Trainer – Level Two facilitators who have a minimum of two years experience, and their pastor’s recommendation may apply for Level Three Certification. This final level of certification as Trainer empowers the individual to assist other churches in the development, facilitation, and maintenance of small group ministries utilizing Rob’s Iceberg Model of Transformation™.

*Prerequisites for Churches Who Schedule The Iceberg Model Training Seminar:

  1. Host the Strengthening Faith, Marriage, and Family Seminar
  2. Host the Grace and Grit Parenting Seminar
  3. Host the iam7 Integrity for Men Seminar
  4. Host the Help for the Helpmate for Wives Seminar

The Iceberg Model  Training Seminar™ and Certification Program Begins in the Fall of 2016. 

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