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  • Teens and Sexting – What Parents Need to Know

    Teens and Sexting

    Taking a selfie with a cell phone is harmless enough, right? Well, that depends on the nature of selfie. 

    I’m providing some particularly sensitive information today to two groups of parents who are concerned about teens and sexting: 

    1. Parents who are concerned that their son or daughter is already involved in sexting.
    2. Parents who know their son or daughter is already involved in pornography, but have no reason to suspect sexting. 

    In either case, I offer the following information as a concerned parent to parents who share a common love for Christ and our children.  

    Recently in the news I’ve seen more information about teens and sexting. 

    In my practice, I’ve found that teens and sexting is a increasing trend that poses legal challenges. Much like the media reports, teenagers and parents are largely unaware of the potential legal ramifications. I thought that I’d pass along the following information with the assurance that I’m here to serve you if you going through a crisis with your teenager. 

    Even the secular media, known for its liberal bent, recognizes the problem. 

    If you’d like information on how your particular state prosecutes sexting, I’ve found a trustworthy resource:  

    Keep in mind, or course, that sexting may also be a crime under federal law.  

    In addition to the legal ramifications, doctors are weighing in on the topic of kids and technology

    One particularly compelling story is still developing. Perhaps you heard about the 16 year-old boy who shot and killed his parents and sister recently. His motive appears tied to an argument over the loss of computer and phone privileges. After allegedly killing his family this young man attended his church’s youth group. You can read more here:

    Help and Hope for Concerned Parents

    Perhaps you’re thinking, ‘but this could never happen to my family.’ Permit me to remind you that we are living in extremely difficult days. In all of humanity through the centuries, there’s never been a time when a young person could even consider sexting until now. 

    If you’ve followed me for any length of time, you know that I’m not an alarmist or sensationalist. I am, however, informed on this topic, having treated hundreds of teenagers through the years. I’ve seen good families go through some extremely trying circumstances.   

    If I can be of service to you, I’ll provide a safe place for you to sort through your concerns.

    By the way, if you’re concerned that your teen has already become involved in sexting, and want to contact me for help, please read my privacy policy. I assure you, that I’m here to serve you however difficult your circumstances.