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  • Shining for Christ Amid the Storm of Same-Sex Marriage – A Free Series of Teleclasses

    Unless you’ve been living in a cave, by now you know last week’s US Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision ruled in favor of gay marriage.

    With the decades long decline in marriage and morality, our nation’s highest court ruling is not surprising. Still, the decision has tremendous implications.

    Beyond the future ramifications of living in a nation practically ruled by nine supreme court justices and a liberal president, we have the immediate concern of staying centered in Christ and dependent on the Holy Spirit. Living to reflect our Father’s glory is the Christian’s highest calling. As the storm clouds roll in, the darker climate will provide the backdrop that will help us to shine even brighter.

    Tonight, I plan to kick off a brief series of free teleclasses that will informencourage, and empower you and your family in the days aheads. If you identify with one or more of the following scenarios, then I hope you’ll join me.

    • Are you a pastor, deacon, or Sunday School teacher looking for answers?
    • Do you have a gay friend or family member who is emboldened by the court  decision, and you don’t how to respond?
    • Are you angry and disillusioned about the culture war?
    • Do you know how to share your concerns and convictions with your children and grandchildren without running them off?
    • Do you struggle with same gender desires and want help?

    In Shining for Christ Amid the Storm of Same-Sex Marriage, I plan to discuss:

    • how to respond (rather than react) to the culture war
    • our greatest need in light of this ruling
    • how I arrived at my convictions that natural marriage is God’s plan
    • a whole person concept that addresses healthy and holy sexuality
    • talking points for conversations with a non-Christian who supports same-sex marriage
    • talking points for conversations with a Christian who supports same-sex marriage

    I know your interaction during the live Q&A session will bring a rich dynamic to this series. I hope you’ll plan now to attend this evening. And if you can’t attend this evening, mark your calendar for the same time next week as I continue this new series.