Brief Intensive Therapy for Sex Addiction in the Privacy of Your Home

New Service Makes Brief Intensive Therapy Possible for Those Who Cannot Travel

When you can’t take time off from work, leave the kids with other family members, and travel out town, you can still receive help in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

This at-home intensive includes almost every feature that you would receive if you met face-to-face with Rob in his office. 

  • Live Coaching Sessions with Rob by Phone, Skype Video, or Apple FaceTime. Sixteen one-hour sessions are included in your at-home, brief intensive therapy. Sessions are recorded for your review. 
  • Member-only Web Site. Log on and gain instant access to archived teleclasses, handouts, and resources.
  • Live Weekly Aftercare Teleclasses. Call in every Tuesday evening at 6 Pacific | 7 Mountain | 8 Central | 9 Eastern and listen and receive a new recovery lesson, participate in the live Q&A session, and share your prayer requests.
  • Men’s Sexual Integrity Workshop. Recorded and available through a member-only web site, watch over fifteen audio-visual lessons, plus listen to more than a dozen audios, that equip you with Rob’s Iceberg Method of Transformation™ applied to sex addiction recovery.
  • Women’s Help for the Helpmate Workshop.  In this recorded workshop, gain insight from other wives, and over twelve audio-visual lessons. You’ll also find another twelve audio recordings that round out your education and healing.

If you’d like the benefit of the psychological testing that Rob administers in his office, you have two options:

  1. Schedule a two-hour block of time with Rob, and take the personality inventories at his greater Memphis office. Or if you wish, schedule a four-hour block of time, and have a two-hour coaching session with Rob, and take your inventories in the remaining two hours.
  2. Find a local therapist who can proctor the administration of the MMPIs, and have them forward the results to Rob.

If you’d like to learn more, please contact Rob, and you can get started today!