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Rob Jackson training elders and deacons


Pastor Bobby Hile of Southgate Baptist Church in Springfield, Ohio invited me to train his elders and deacons on my Iceberg Model of Transformation™ over a weekend retreat in March 2017. Following the retreat on Sunday morning, Pastor Hile interviewed me, and I closed with a brief devotional.



I had the privilege of preaching at West Heights Baptist Church in Pontotc, Mississippi. Click on the video to watch a brief excerpt from my message, “Transformed Living.” [watch the entire message here]

 Christian Counselor Rob Jackson

Christian Counselor Rob Jackson, MS, LPC

 Strengthening Faith, Marriage, and Family

spiritual formation seminar with Rob JacksonCome and explore the mystery and methods of intimate union with God. Discover how to become the person your marriage and family needs. By learning how to guard your heart, renew your mind, and honor Christ in your body, you’ll experience greater peace regardless of your circumstances. In this Saturday seminar,Rob walks you step-by-step through his Iceberg Model of Transformation™. See for yourself how personal peace can stabilize your marriage and family. This live seminar offered at a church near you includes free membership in Rob’s weekly teleclass.

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Grace and Grit Parenting

parenting seminar with Rob JacksonYour children and grandchildren are bombarded daily with messages that undermine their faith, family, self-worth, and sexuality. Learn how to empower your child spiritually, psychologically, behaviorally, and relationally In this seminar Rob helps you to apply his Iceberg Model of Transformation™ to childhood development, so that you can evaluate your child’s current progress, and set goals for ongoing maturity. You’ll also learn how to equip your child with valuable information and strategies specific to the Internet and social media.

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iam7 Integrity Seminar for Men

men's sexual integrity conferenceNo sincere Christian man can ignore the constant bombardment and cumulative effects of sexual temptations. With more than twenty years of experience in men’s sexual integrity, Rob offers a unique, step-by-step approach based on Romans 7 and 8. Learn how self-examination, consecration, and transformation are truly possible in Christ, by the Spirit. Discover how to live in community with personal accountability, and how to restore broken trust. Don’t underestimate what you can learn and begin to customize in this Saturday seminar. See for yourself how you can overcome years of sin and shame. This live seminar offered at a church near you includes free membership in Rob’s online workshop for men.

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Help for the Helpmate for Wives

Have you noSeminar for Hurting Wivesticed how wives wounded by their husbands’ sexual sins are often left out of the recovery equation?  Whether your husband has wandering eyes or a full-blown addiction, Rob offers help and hope for the helpmate. In this Saturday seminar, discover what you can do to protect your heart. Learn how you can renew your mind, and overcome intrusive thoughts. Explore new ways to honor Christ in your body. Find the healthy boundaries that reaffirm your sacred vows. Reignite your irreplaceable role as wife and mom. This live seminar offered at a church near you includes free membership to Rob’s Help for the Helpmate online workshop.

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