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Host’s FAQ

Questions Regarding Our Saturday Seminar for Men’s Sexual Integrity


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What does it cost to host a Saturday seminar for men?

The host church bears no direct expense for this seminar contingent on having a minimum of 50 participants pre-registered online or registered at the door. In the event 49 participants or less enroll, the host church underwrites the difference. For example, if 35 men registered, the host presents a check made payable to ChristianCounsel Seminars at the seminar for $1455 (15 participants times $97).

Other expenses born by the host church that are detailed in the Scheduling Agreement include:

  • light snacks and lunch for participants (see below).
  • copying of handouts provided by ChristianCounsel one month prior to the seminar
  • Rob’s travel expenses


What technical support do you need for the seminar?

  • a lavalier
  • a remote control that Rob can use for PowerPoint presentations
  • assistance in connecting Rob’s MacBook Pro to the projector
  • one or more portable microphones for audience participation


Will you help us market and promote the seminar?

Absolutely. We license the host church to promote the seminar with the resources we provide online. We also recommend that you contact your local Christian radio station and encourage them to interview Rob prior to the seminar.


How much time do we need to promote this seminar? 

A good promotion requires 45 to 60 days. A promotion over 90 days is better.


Will you followup with us after the seminar?

Yes, Rob follows up with the host church’s contact and provides pre- and post-seminar assessments of the men and their experience. He is also available to consult on pastoral ministry and small group development.


Can fathers brings their sons to the seminar?

Yes! Rob encourages all fathers to bring sons who are 13 years and older to the seminar. Sons 21-years old and under may attend without charge.


How should we handle lunch on Saturday?

The host church provides lunch on site. Lunch on site allows participants to remain in ‘seminar-mode’ rather than interrupting their experience. It also helps Rob to delivery the seminar’s content on time.


What is the registration process like on Saturday morning at the event?

Participants are encouraged to pre-register online via a link on the host church’s web site. Otherwise, they may arrive thirty-minutes prior to start time and register at the door. The host church provides a registration table manned by someone who collects cash, checks, and/or electronic payments via ChristianCounsel Seminar’s iPad and card reader.

All participants pick up a name badge and handouts at registration.


What kind of seating arrangement do you recommend?

Ideally 6 to 8 participants are seated at individual tables angled best for viewing the stage and screen.


What can men expect in terms of confidentiality?

While participants will find this seminar to be therapeutic, it won’t be a therapy session.   Participants will not be expected to share their stories or struggles from the floor. However, participants are free to share between themselves. In any case, Rob is a licensed professional counselor and mandatory reporter of child sexual abuse and other forms of assault to vulnerable individuals.


Will Rob offer a Q&A Session?

Yes. Rob routinely offers Q&A Sessions in the morning and afternoon.


Do you provide a safe environment or will men who struggle feel condemned?

Absolutely! Rob’s balance includes compassion and candor that connects with men regardless of their struggles. While unapologetically teaches the Scriptures without hesitation, he knows the importance of respecting the individual and sharing relationally.