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1. Will you keep my personal information confidential?
2. Can you help me over the telephone?
3. Can you refer me to a counselor in my area?
4. Will you call my spouse for me?
5. Can you counsel me by email?
6. I’m afraid to confront my spouse. Can you help me?
7. What if my spouse refuses to attend?
8. What is my spouse is willing to come with me, but says it’s just a waste of time and resources?
9. Do you work with adolescents? 
10. How often do you provide brief intensive therapy, and where?
11. Will you be our counselor, or we’ll we work with someone else?
12. Will we be grouped with other participants?
13. Does insurance cover your services?
14. Do you offer scholarships or a sliding scale?
15. Will I need professional counseling after my intensive?
16. What questions should I be asking you?
17. What’s unique about your approach?
18. What’s your success rate? 
19. What kind of follow-up do you provide?
20. How do we schedule an intensive with you?
21. What should we do to prepare for our upcoming intensive?
22. Do you provide childcare?
23. Can we start our intensive midweek and run over into the second week?
1. Will you keep my personal information confidential?
When you contact us by telephone, email, our Internet site(s), or clinics, you will receive a compassionate, professional response. However, in professional counseling, there are limits to confidentiality in certain situations. Please read our brief, but important privacy policy.  
 2. Can you help me over the telephone?
Yes! Please call me toll free at 1.888.891.4673 (if calling within the US and Canada) or at
1.719.440.4893. I’ll be happy to provide a thirty-minute, no cost consultation. 
 3. Can you refer me to a counselor in my area?
I don’t have a referral directory of my own, but you may wish to check this online referral directory provided by Focus on the Family. Please be sure to take advantage of our no cost consultation. Call toll free 1.888.891.HOPE (4673).
 4. Will you call my spouse for me?
No. The ethics of my profession will not permit me to initiate a call to a none-client. Please have
your spouse call me at 1.888.891.4673 or 1.719.440.4893. Or call me when the two
of you are together.
 5. Can you counsel me by email?
No. My licensure board does not permit counseling by email. However, you may email me your
concerns, and if you include your phone number, I will call you and we can discuss your needs. 
 6. How can I confront my spouse?
Confrontation is never easy, but when you’re marriage is in trouble, you confront because you’re
sober enough to care – even if your partner seems intoxicated with an affair or other sexually
compulsive behaviors. Since this can be a complicated proposition, I have two articles for you:
Confronting Your Spouse’s Secret Sin and A Checklist for Confronting Your Spouse.
 7. What if my spouse refuses to attend?
Naturally, each spouse has the right to accept or refuse therapy. However, if both parties want
to heal their marriage, professional therapy is often necessary. And should your spouse refuse
help, your need for compassionate, objective help increases significantly.
Here’s my article, What to Do When a Spouse Refuses Help. I also encourage you to read Chapter 13 in Beth Moore’s book, So Long Insecurity – You’ve Been a Bad Friend to Us. She confronts the issue of pornography and infidelity boldly and sensibly, and stresses the need for professional counseling that is Christ-centered. It was a great privilege to have her quote my work in this chapter!
 8. What is my spouse is willing to come with me, but says it’s just a waste of
time and resources? He or she has already moved out and says it’s over.
I know these are discouraging times, but it’s important to hold onto hope and to give reconciliation
time. Even if your spouse arrives with low motivation, he or she may still find the grace and a
systematic recovery plan. And if he or she attends, but remains checked-out, at least you know
you’ve done your part.
 9. Do you work with adolescents? 
Yes, on a limited basis for those involved with Internet pornography and/or gaming addiction. If you’d like to learn how to confront your adolescent, I have an article for you. And please
be sure to download a free copy of What Concerned Parents Should Know About Internet Pornography.
 10. How often do you provide brief intensive therapy, and where?
I provide intensives in Colorado Springs most weekends and as needed in Oxford, MS (90 minutes from the Memphis International Airport). 
 11. Will you be our counselor, or we’ll we work with someone else?
ChristianCounsel is my private practice, and it will be my privilege to serve you.
 12. Will we be grouped with other participants?
No, while group therapy has several advantages when the time is right, I have found that private
therapy provides a level of safety that is needed for the couple or family.
 13. Does insurance cover your services?
I provide a multi-day service called brief intensive therapy, and insurance will not reimburse for
this format, at least not in a private practice.
 14. Do you offer scholarships or a sliding scale?
No. ChristianCounsel is the private practice of an individual, and we do not receive any
form of donations, grants, or underwriting that would make a reduction in fees possible. However,
some of our clients have found financial help for our services through their local churches,
friends and family.
 15. Will I need ongoing counseling or coaching after my intensive?
Treatment recommendations are offered after I’ve had sufficient time to evaluate your needs.
Treatment planning is concluding on the last day of your intensive. 
 16. What questions should I be asking you? 
Glad you asked! My article, Guidelines for Selecting a Counselor will address your concerns. You may
also want to read The Importance of Counseling
 17. What’s unique about your approach?
Over the last twenty-five years, I’ve consistently grounded everything I offer in a Scriptural and
Spirit-filled way. I know the importance and joy of finding identity and love in God the
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. My 9-step Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™ takes into account the importance of self-examination (taking personal responsibility), confession and friendship with God, and personal transformation (bearing “the fruit of repentance” consistent with true and lasting recovery. I also teach the importance of community, and how to integrate body, mind, and spirit. Besides this transferable recovery model, I provide psychological testing to both spouses (and adolescents if attending for their treatment), and I prefer to work with the husband and wife
simultaneously. To learn more, I have over twenty-five recovery articles
 18. What’s your success rate? 
I can understand why you ask, but truthfully it’s difficult to measure and depends on how you
measure success. Since I’m unable to conduct expensive longitudinal studies, I offer you some of my satisfied client testimonies
 19. What kind of follow-up or aftercare do you provide after our intensive?
Each week I hope you’ll join me for a one-hour educational webinar/teleconference. On Tuesdays
you will receive an email that contains the contact information for this services which
meets at 6:00 PM Pacific | 7:00 PM Mountain | 8:00 PM Central | 9:00 PM Eastern. And if you’re
unable to attend, you can listen to the recording on your your Internet-connected computer at a time that’s convenient for you or download the mp3.
 20. How do we schedule an intensive with you?
It’s easy. Download and review these forms and when you’re ready to place your reservation.
contact me toll free at 1.888.891.4673 or on my cell at 1.719.440.4893. 
 21. What should we do to prepare for our upcoming intensive?
Remember the first rule of medicine? The goal is “to do no harm” between the time you schedule
your intensive and work with me. Meanwhile, continue to pray, stay in the Scriptures, and seek the discreet counsel of a few same-gendered Christian confidants. It may be better to give each other
a gentle break, rather than trying to start your intensive without me. And if you have additional
questions, contact me as needed.
 22. Do you provide childcare? 
 No. We are not able to provide childcare. In fact, we recommend that if at all possible, that you take this one week and dedicate it solely to your marriage.
23. Can we start our intensive midweek and run over into the second week?
 No. I offer Intensives on Fridays (1:30 to 5:30), Saturdays (8:00 to Noon and 1:30 to 5:30) and Sundays (1:30 to 5:30). .