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Telephone Counseling for Christians

Telephone counseling may be your ideal solution.

Are you feeling stuck? Do you need direction? Are you searching for greater fulfillment? Let’s work together to expand your vision, build your confidence, and unlock your potential.

Or, perhaps you’re in distress, loading down with symptoms, and wanting to learn how to cope with a significant life challenge.

In any case, telephone counseling can be the road to finding greater inner peace and purpose.

And, telephone counseling is practical!

Telephone counseling means…

  • no more worries about trying to find a counselor based on where you live
  • no more taking time off from work
  • no more commuting to and from the counselor’s office
  • no more waiting rooms and bumping into familiar faces
  • no need for a babysitter


The Advantages of Telephone Counseling

  • we can schedule your appointments when its convenient for you
  • we can record your sessions for future playbacks
  • we can track homework assignments
  • we can connect between sessions with brief spot checks by email and telephone
  • we can include other loved ones in your sessions (parents and adult kids, spouses separated by work or deployment, adult siblings, etc.)


To achieve your desired results, commit to at least three months over the phone, by Skype, or FaceTime. No, I don’t require a three-month contract, but you’ll have greater benefits if you cultivate your wellness over time.  With each call, I’ll recommend various assignments that will further your progress. And each month, we’ll evaluate your progress, new skill sets, and overall satisfaction. 

Your sessions won’t expire, so schedule and use them as you need them. Unused sessions are non-refundable, and transferable to others you designate. 


If you’re ready to get started, follow two simple steps: 

1.  Make your purchase online. 


2. Schedule your appointment online.


If you’re still not sure, I encourage you to consider the testimonies of my satisfied clients.


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