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Psychological Testing

Psychological testing is one of the features that makes my service unique. Counselors without clinical training and experience are unable to provide this advance help.

With my graduate degree in clinical psychology, I routinely offer psychological testing for marriage and family concerns. When compared to x-rays and blood tests that doctors use to detect physical health concerns, psychological testing that I use to detect mental health concerns is a reasonable comparison.

Through the years, I’ve learned that personalities in crisis are often personalities driven by clinical concerns like depression, anxiety, and personality disorders. In these cases, mere counseling alone often fails to detect that which needs clinical care.

As a Christian I readily admit that the professional tests I administer are not “Christian,” in the sense that they were not developed with any concern for the Christian world view. Nevertheless, in the hands of a skilled, Christian clinician, psychological tests like the MMPI-2 and the MCMI-3, offer valuable information. In fact, many seminaries and mission organizations include these tests in their work with incoming students and candidates.

Finally, psychological tests aren’t perfect, labels are limited, and the final diagnosis (if any) rests with the experienced clinician. A sound diagnoses, however, is often halfway to the cure. And frequently my clients are amazed at how these paper and pencil tests can be so accurate and helpful.