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Christ-centered Consulting

I’m eager to serve churches, educational institutions, organizations, and businesses. My consulting is based on three decades of professional experiences that include:

  •  Licensed Professional Counseling in practice practice (formerly in MN, WA, and CO, now in MS)
  • Contract Writer for Focus on the Family
  • Employee Assistance Program Coordinator for North Mississippi Medical Center’s Center for Business Health (the largest hospital in a non-metropolitan area)
  • Psychological Associate for North Mississippi Medical Center’s Behavioral Health (behavioral health and alcohol and drug rehab)
  • Director of Student Retention and Freshmen Orientation, and Psychology Instructor at Union University, a SBC liberal arts college
  • Associate Psychologist for North Mississippi Regional Center (a state funded residential program for the mentally handicapped)
  • Independent Contractor outpatient small group therapy for Rapha
  • Instructor in Psychology for Tupelo High School
  • Director of Men’s Ministry for American Family Association, a national pro-family organization
  • Instructor in Pastoral Counseling for Southern Baptist Theological Seminary Extension

To  learn the details, view my LinkedIn profile.

Areas of Expertise

Staff Development

  • Conflict Resolution (between staff members and members)
  • Moral Failure and Risk Management
  • Personality Testing (Myers-Briggs, MMPI-2, MCMC-3)
  • Retreats
  • Leadership Development

Recovery Ministry

  • Men’s Sexual Integrity
  • Codependency and Coaddiction
  • Mental Health
  • Trauma
  • Small Group Development and Ministry
  • Interventions

Family Ministry

  • Spiritual leadership
  • Parenting
  • Generational Healing

Christian Spiritual Formation

  • Iceberg Model of Transformation™
  • Principles for Making Disciples
  • Best Practices for Personal Accountability