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Payment Plan for Brief Intensive Therapy

Few couples or families find themselves financially prepared for brief intensive therapy. Yet, investing in your marriage and family can pay rich dividends for generations to come. 

Because ChristianCounsel is not underwritten by donations or grants we charge for our professional services. We base our fees on services provided that include:

If you find yourself needing significant help that is going to severely stress your personal finances, don’t forget that you may be able to find services that are either free or based on a sliding scale. The following places may provide professional assistance at no cost or based on your ability to pay:

  • church-based counseling centers
  • other non-profit counseling centers
  • government agencies
Keep in mind, however, that sex addiction is not merely an issue of immorality or moral failureFor some people, this condition becomes a long-term struggle that requires multifaceted care. When you, or the one you love suffers sex addiction, it will be wise to build a multifaceted team that addresses the whole person – and the relationship(s). For example

 SPIRIT pastors, elders, deacons, mentors, teachers, etc. 
 MIND   mental health professional with clinical skills
 BODY   physician, wellness coach, nutritionist, etc.  

Here at ChristianCounsel, Rob Jackson specializes in the care and treatment of individuals and families impacted by sexual sin, woundedness, abuse, and addiction. With a master of science in clinical psychology and over twenty-five years of experience in the field, his Iceberg Method for Transformation™ provides a careful integration of evangelical theology, psychology, and wellness. As a mental health professional and coach, Rob can walk you through the recovery process unique to his diverse skill sets, and can help to coordinate and integrate the expertise of other service providers like your pastor and physician.  


Finally, if you’d like to work with ChristianCounsel, and need a 6-month payment plan, you can make your purchase here: 


Brief Intensive Therapy Package: 

  • 20-hours of therapy
  • psychological testing
  • 26-weeks of group coaching by telephone
  • 2 hours of private coaching by phone, Skype Video, or Facetime

If you don’t need a payment plan for your intensive, you may still make your purchase online, or call in your payment with a debit or credit card of your choice to 1.888.891.4893.