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Rob’s Testimony

In my life adversity has given birth to many wake-up calls and new ways of living. Take, for example, my approach to recovery.

After suffering with panic attacks and severe depression for more than I decade, I was desperate. Eventually a severe bout of mononucleosis required two months of bed rest. Later still, I diagnose myself as a “love addict.”

My life was a wreck, and I was only in my early twenties. I would have to learn how to integrate my body, mind, and spirit. In short, I needed an authentic friendship with God.

Now, with more than thirty years of ongoing recovery, I’m excited to offer you what I’ve learned along the way.

Whether you’re recovering from conditions like mine, or other self-defeating behaviors, I’m confident my Iceberg Model of Transformation™ is going to help you dig deeper into your soul so that repairs can get underway. With my system you can get beneath “the tip of the iceberg” and drill down into the deeper underlying issues that rob you of inner peace and greater productivity.

People often ask, “Do you think I can recover?” And my answer is always the same – “Yes, I think you really can…but it takes faith in Christ, comfort from the Holy Spirit, and practical obedience to experience a progressive healing over time. I want you to know that I’m for you, and hope to see you experience both peace and power with God.

My system won’t be an overnight cure, but if you’re willing to invest daily in cultivating a healthier life, I’m convinced that you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

Are you ready? Take the challenge with me!