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Counseling Philosophy

Over the last three decade I’ve developed The Iceberg Method of TransformationTM. This Biblical model of therapy helps individuals process their inner conflicts by integrating the mind, body, and spirit. This model of integration draws from various schools of psychology including human development, systems theory, behaviorism, cognitive therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and trauma recovery. I routinely treat spiritual abuse, spiritual conflicts, sex and porn addiction, panic attacks, depression, and codependency with this comprehensive model.

I believe the client-therapist relationship is of utmost importance, and make every effort to establish a professionally sound, Christ-affirming experience for the client.

I believe the Bible to be God’s authoritative Word written originally by divine inspiration and without error. I believe a personal relationship with Christ, the Son of God, is the only way of reconciliation with God the Father. This relationship with God is for immediate conversion as well as for lifelong sanctification and personal holiness. 

I believe Christians of all races, both genders, and various denominations can work effectively in the body of Christ if we love God, ourselves, and each other.