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If you’d like to help me encourage others in the faith and practice of Christian recovery, here are some suggestions:

  • I tend to write quickly, and often without an editor going behind me to clean up my typos and errors. Please contact me when you find something that needs correction or improving. I won’t be offended. Promise. 🙂
  • Interact with me here on this blog. Your thoughts are important to me.
  • If you find that my blog encourages you, pass it along to others.
  • If you find someone who needs my professional counseling services, please direct them to my services
  • And if you really like what I’m offering, invite me to speak in your church.


Rob Jackson, MS, LPC

Christian Family University

P.S. In the near future I’ll be soliciting moderators for our online forum. If you’re already familiar with my approach, are comfortable with a computer, and willing to help others, contact me for more information