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  • 9 Ways to Strengthen Sexual Integrity in the Church

    Are you concerned about the lack of sexual integrity in the church?

    Christian men, women, youth, and children aren’t exempt from sexual temptation, and sadly, many struggle to overcome sexual sins, compulsions, and addictions.

    Our collective sins are made worse by our hypocrisy. Our credibility as Christ-followers is greatly diminished.

    If you’re concerned and want to be part of a compassionate, in-reach to our churches, I hope you’ll continue reading:

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    1. Advocate natural marriage. We need to lovingly reaffirm God’s natural design for marriage between one man and one woman for their shared lifetime.
    2. Develop  a  philosophy  of  ministry  that  encompasses  sexual  integrity  and wholeness. We need to share the good news that God created sexuality for his glory and for the collective good of humanity.
    3. Teach the nature of humanity. We need to respond to fellow Christians entangled in sexual sins with the good news that God forgives, and transformation is real.
    4. Teach the rule of faith. We need to frequently reaffirm that biblical, sexual integrity can only be accomplished in Jesus Christ and with the Holy Spirit.
    5. Teach that sin is not only wrong, but traumatizing. We need to accept that sexual sin injures the individual’s body, mind, and spirit, and that an unrepentant Christian will in time degrade the strength of his family, church, and community.
    6. Take an honest look at the historic and current sexuality integrity within your church. We need to humbly and compassionately evaluate circumstances and practices within our fellowships that compromise sexual integrity.
    7. Develop response teams made up of seasoned men and women. We need to evaluate critcal situations where sexual integrity has been lacking, make appropriate recommendations, and serve with compassion and candor.
    8. Develop and maintain support groups. We need trained facilitators for small group minstries where individuals can experience restoration from various forms of sexual woundedness including childhood sexual abuse, assaut, addiction, gender confusion, homosexuality, prostitution, and sexual trafficing.
    9. Equip parents to provide sex education in the home. We need to provide comprehensive sex education to parents who will equip their children in the privacy and nurture of their homes.

    Can you think of other ways that we can work together to strengthen sexual integrity in your church?

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