• Learning How to Live, Love, and Recover

    Christian counselor Rob Jackson is here to serve you and your family. Serving in the greater Memphis TN area and by telephone, contact Rob toll free at 888.891.HOPE.

  • Jackson's Iceberg Model of Transformation

    Based on Romans 7:15-8:13, Rob Jackson's Iceberg Model of Transformation integrates theology and psychology, and is applicable to Christian spiritual formation, recovery, and leadership training.

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  • Sexual Integrity in Christ

    Christian counselor Rob Jackson discusses the importance of sexual integrity with candor and grace. [content for a mature audience]

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  • New Podcast for Men

    Father and son discuss Christian maturity, sexual integrity, and men's responsibilities as image bearers of Christ.

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  • Free Resource for Concerned Parents

    If you have a child or grandchild, and are concerned about teen sexting, listen in as Rob Jackson offers some helpful information.

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General Audience

Come and explore the mystery and methods of intimate union with God. Become the person your marriage and family needs. In this seminar, Rob walks you step-by-step through his Iceberg Model of Transformation. See for yourself how personal peace can stabilize your marriage and family.

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General Audience

Your children and grandchildren are bombarded daily with messages that undermine their faith, family, self-worth, and sexuality. Learn how to empower your child spiritually, psychologically, behaviorally, and relationally. You’ll also learn how to equip your child with valuable information and strategies specific to the Internet and social media.

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Men Only

Rob offers a unique, step-by-step approach based on Romans 7 and 8. Learn how self-examination, consecration, and transformation are truly possible in Christ, by the Spirit. Discover how to live in community with personal accountability, and how to restore broken trust. See for yourself how you can overcome years of sin and shame.

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Women Only

Wives wounded by their husbands’ sexual sins are often left out of the recovery equation? Whether your husband has wandering eyes or a full-blown addiction, Rob offers help and hope for the helpmate. Find the healthy boundaries that reaffirm your sacred vows. Reignite your irreplaceable role as wife and mom.

  • The first things to come to mind about Rob Jackson are how much he loves God, and how committed he is to serving God's people. Rob counsels holistically, knowing that we are tripartite beings and must be healed and made well in body, mind, and spirit. The private online groups, and the weekly phone calls, have been a Godsend while dealing with delicate topics around recovery. Rob is a true treasure!
  • In my experience Rob is one of the very best counselors I have ever had. He combines the spiritual applications of our lives with the psychological aspects in a humble and personal way. I value the Godly insight he gives in explaining and unwrapping the complex issues of sexual addiction and how it confuses and often paralyzes our lives. May God bless him & his family for the sacrifice of his work amoung those of us who are hurting.
  • Rob is a gifted and insightful counselor who has been so helpful to our family. He combines a focus on Christ with a wisdom and experience in psychology. I wholeheartedly recommend him for those who are seeking counsel in their lives.
  • I was so encouraged by talking with Rob to realize such a wise man of integrity is working diligently advising so many on such important topics. He was able to affirm decisions I have made and advise me on the direction to go on some other choices. I strongly recommend him!
  • Thank you for taking time to assess our situation and to give us your time free of charge in a way that was not condemning! HUGE! Thank you! S.F.