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Learning How to Live, Love, and Recover

Christian counselor Rob Jackson is here to serve you and your family. Contact Rob toll free at 888.891.HOPE.

Jackson's Iceberg Model of Transformation

Based on Romans 7:15-8:13, Rob Jackson's Iceberg Model of Transformation integrates theology and psychology, and is applicable to Christian spiritual formation, recovery, and leadership training.

Sexual Integrity in Christ

Christian counselor Rob Jackson discusses the importance of sexual integrity with candor and grace. [content for a mature audience]

Catch the vision and invite Rob Jackson to your church.

Pastor Bobby Hile interviews Rob Jackson about pornography. Learn how Southgate Baptist Church is facing this problem head on.

Free Resource for Concerned Parents

If you have a child or grandchild, and are concerned about teen sexting, listen in as Rob Jackson offers some helpful information.

Transformed Living

Christian counselor Rob Jackson talks about the need for transparency in the church, hope in Christ, and transformation by the Spirit.